The extraction and processing of potash resources require large quantities of energy resources both in terms of electrical power and gas resources. The Inga dam on the Congo River, located in DRC is the biggest source of hydroelectric power for the region. Inga when fully operational is capable of generating 50,000 MW, enough power to supply the needs of most of Africa and export to Europe. A third party company is currently undertaking the rehabilitation work of some of the turbines at Inga and plans to export this electricity in the project area in Pointe Noire. Independently from the Inga project, the Republic of Congo (ROC) has a plan to build a hydroelectric plant at a site 85 km northeast of Pointe-Noire, identified on the Kouilou River at the Sounda gorge.

The ROC is also blessed with abundant oil and gas resources with production both offshore and onshore coming from international companies including Total, ENI, Chevron Corp, Perenco, Maurel & Prom, Murphy Oil and SNPC. ENI recently committed to supplying Congo’s industrial projects with the necessary gas they require for their operations. Abundant gas is produced from the giant nearby M’Boundi field which is currently flared. Additional gas reserves exist onshore on the Pointe-Indienne field, but also the Mengo, Kundji and Bindi fields next to the potash permits. ENI is now embarking on a project to build a gas fired power plant that will produce up to 400 MW of power with gas supplied by the M’Boundi field and then Banga-Litchendjili fields offshore.

The deepwater port of Pointe Noire is one of the best in West Africa and is located 20 km from the most likely Manenga mine area and some 50 km from the Tchitondi area. In comparison for instance Saskatchewan (Canada) potash producers are located up to 2500 km away from Port Vancouver, thus incurring up to $40/ton in freight costs. This combination of abundant low-cost energy, gas resources and nearby premier port facilities makes potash extraction, production and export in Congo the lowest unit production mining projects in the world.