Path to Potash Production

The Republic of Congo is ineluctably headed towards becoming a major potash player in the years to come as the world demand for this commodity is set for sustained growth. Holle Potash wished to capitalize on this country’s strong will to become once again a premier potash producer and is therefore preparing itself to meet this challenge by 2016.

Holle Potash Corp. has performed the following tasks to date in order to better define the optimal way forward to potash production.

  • Review existing data from historical potash and oil wells, as well as 2D seismic
  • Review data of the former Holle potash mine and adjacent exploration projects.
  • Conduct field geological studies in Tchitondi area
  • Publication of Technical Report NI-43-101 by Agapito Associates

These works have enables us to identify the most interesting area to commence exploration works within both licences. As a first objective, Holle Potash will concentrate in proving its carnallite resources on the Manenga licence are amenable to a 1.2 M tpy production using solution mining technology.

Phase 1 of this work program will include:

  • Drilling of 3 wells
  • Preliminary Environmental and Social Impact Study
  • Scoping and Pre-Feasibility Studies

Phase 1 is scheduled to last about 12 months at which point a Mesured and Indicated resource will be published prior to commencing works of Phase 2.