Environment & Community

Resource companies of the 21st century are bound to be responsible not only to the environment but most importantly to the communities surrounding their operations as good neighbors and world citizens. At Holle Potash Corp. (HPC) we do strive for the respect of the environment in our host countries worldwide. We ensure that our operations are conducted in a sustainable environmentally accountable and safe manner. We adhere to the strict respect of local regulations and internationally recognized and prescribed environmental conventions. We place a great emphasis on the wellbeing and the operational safety of our personnel in all we do, both at the office and in the field.

At HPC we believe in a 50/50 concept whereby the preservation of our environment goes hand in glove with our responsibility to supply potash to the world through accountable mine development and decommissioning activities. The fundamentals for sustainability in our activities are inherent in the intertwined needs for the production of fertilizers and the protection of the environment. We feel the following reflections are true:

  • World population growth is unbaiting and strengthening economies are increasing demand for abundant and better foods as previously explained, world farmers thus need to produce more food and feed grain for livestock. Fertilizers are the only way to responsibly increase food production.
  • Without fertilizers to replenish soils and increase crop yields, world farmers would need millions of acres of fresh new farmland in a world where arable land is already restricted to attain the same productivity. This means destroying more forests and savannahs as is the case every year in places such as Indonesia and Brazil. This process suppresses the best antidote to global warming and at the same time creates more greenhouse gases through forest fires.

Our responsibility at HPC does not stop there it will go further through our plan to train African farmers and create awareness about the utilization of fertilizers in Sub-Saharan Africa. Wherever we conduct business, we build communication bridges and lasting trust relationships with governments and communities.

After precious mining commodities have been extracted from our operations we are mindful that the following generations deserve to inherit an environment that is clean, safe and with a preserved biodiversity and ecosystems. Our commitment in keeping with sustainable mining activities to be enshrined in a corporate white paper is as follows:

  • Safety first, meaning that we put the safety of our staff before company profits. Our staff would have the freedom not to execute a task if in their judgment such a task would put their lives and/or those of their fellow workers at risk. This principle shall be true at the office and in the field.
  • Careful management of all salt tailings and flats
  • Careful management of waste brines and slimes in a manner that protects ground water, rivers and other sensitive ecosystems.
  • Backfilling of mined surface and underground openings with salt tailings, fines and overburden and replanting of indigenous species.
  • Backfilling of underground solution mining caverns with salts from tailings and evaporators purge.
  • Constant monitoring of caverns integrity against potential collapses that can cause sudden landscape depressions and create insecurities for the population.
  • Zero pollution tolerance.
  • Clean and careful decommissioning and site restoration.