Holle Potash Corp. (HPC) is a corporation specialized on the development of potash assets internationally with a major focus on a previously explored potash property in the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville). The company is currently engaged in the exploration of its licences in the Republic of Congo through its subsidiary Afrimines SA.

The company aims to establish a potash solution mining operation that will initially produce 1,200,000 tpy of potash starting towards 2016 from its Manenga licence located in the potash bearing Congolese basin evaluated to contain billions of tons of sylvite and carnallite.

A study commissioned by the Ministry of Mines of the Republic of Congo in 1996 estimated potash resources of 800 billion tons in its portion of the Congo coastal basin. Recent drilling by a third party in an adjacent permit has already proved 1 billion tons of inferred resources in a limited area of 6000 acres.

Holle Potash Corp. through its wholly owned subsidiary Afrimines SA, owns two potash exploration licences (Tchitondi and Manenga) both measuring a total of 172,000 acres. The company now aims to prove enough potash reserves to feed a 1,200,000 tpy operation for 50 years.